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The scene this morning:

Me overcome by nausea. Vomiting. While Mr. E stood by watching. When I could speak I’d say Mommy’s tummy really hurts. Hold on a minute. (This is something we’ve been telling him: Mommy is sick in her tummy, because I’ve been pretty useless these days.)

After several minutes he starts repeating: All done Mommy. ALL DONE!

Ya, I am pretty much all done with the morning sickness, but nonetheless, it’s not done with me. In fact, it’s just getting worse. I can’t take Mr. E to his music class today, the groceries have not been bought in almost two weeks and we NEED food, I need to do a few things at my Dad’s office, but have been too sick to go in.

It was not this bad last time. No where near as bad.

In other news, I had my ultrasound yesterday and we are having one baby! This was a huge relief.

And equally big news– I night weaned Mr. E this week and he has started sleeping in his own room all through the night. I am beyond ecstatic about this!!! We’re down to one nursing a day which I am fine with. I just could not do the over nights anymore.


I have had the same dream twice. Both times they were in the wee hours before getting a positive pregnancy test.

The first time was back in May 2007; I took an hpt and saw two lines.  It was the night before we were going to test.  I vividly remember the pure joy in that dream upon seeing two pink lines.  When I awoke, and the lines materialized that excitement was realized.

Two nights ago I had the same dream. And again two pink lines formed.

Now, I had tested countless cycles prior to these and even within these cycles and never had the dream except for the nights before the positives came.  I can’t explain it…

We are starting to settle into the idea that we’re having a June Bug and when I ask Mr. E where Mommy’s baby is he points to my belly and says “in there.”  My nephew asked me how many babies are in my belly?  Ummmm…

Today I scheduled an ultrasound for when I am six weeks to take a peek and see just how many?  (I took Clomid and did not have ultrasound monitoring pre-ovulation so there’s a chance of multiples – I’ve produced anywhere from one to three eggs on previous Clomid cycles.)  We’re going with the some-what-local-midwife, who is an hour away.  As much as I want to return the one who has gotten me pregnant not once, but twice, I just can’t travel three hours each way for prenatal appointments.  The local midwife (as well as the hospital and nurses) comes highly recommended by all the mamas here.  It seems as though the environment and support will be very much that of what I had during my last pregnancy and birth experience.

Thanks for all the love and support and congratulations.  We are on cloud nine here and hoping this baby sticks and grows healthy.

Last night I had a dream that I delivered a baby girl. This was the first dream since the morning had a +hpt after waking from a dream where I’d just gotten a +hpt. Now, this could be because we want a girl, or maybe it’s another psychic dream. It’s also pretty coincidental that just yesterday I told my cousin that I hadn’t had any pregnant dreams yet. When I spoke with A. today she said that one of our friends told her she recently had a dream that we had a girl…so who knows?!

We’ve gone back and fourth about finding out the sex at our ultra sound. I’ve gotten a lot of pressure to find out from my family, which kind of makes me not want to find out. I always said I wouldn’t find out and now that I can it’s so hard to wait. We’ve got it in our heads that we’re having a girl, so now the pull to find out is to prepare our selves if it’s a boy. Don’t get me wrong, all we REALLY want is a happy healthy baby. We have six weeks to decide and then the big question is, if we find out will we tell anyone? Can we keep the secret? I’ve seen the pink and blue explosions at baby showers and I really don’t want anything to do with that. But how can you avoid it when people know?

Decisions, decisions.

Um, we’ve got 200 days to go. We’re almost 1/3 of the way. This is all happening so fast. Woe. (Well since I got distracted and was not able to post this yesterday, now we’ve got 199 days!)

Also, I met baby August last week. She was so small and so precious! While I was holding her she had her eyes open and was looking all around. She seemed very engaged. Once A. started holding her she fell off to sleep. Both moms looked great and seemed to be transitioning into motherhood seamlessly.

We have a heart beat! As our midwife turned the doppler on and moved it towards my belly she warned us it could take a minute…but as soon as it hit my belly we heard it!!!!!! It was the most amazing, wonderful, reassuring sound I’ve ever heard! It was between 160 and 170 beats per minute – and there was only one (phew). I am still in shock that I have this little thing in me that has it’s own heart beat…and that we created it. This just keeps getting more and more amazing!

All my tests except my iron test came back normal. My iron was on the lowest of what is okay and because it will get lower as the pregnancy goes on, my MW said I need to try to correct it through my diet and if that does not work I’ll need an iron supplement. Aside from when I was so sick, eating a balanced diet has been the hardest thing for me during this pregnancy. After leaving the appointment today I felt like I am not getting enough iron and calcium.

All in all it was a great appointment!

1. Everything takes longer to do.

2. Everything make me tired.

3. I reject the medicalization of pregnancy and childbirth. Everyone that doesn’t tries to push What to Expect When You’re Expecting down my throat. Seriously, everyone asks if I have it. I am ready to get a copy so I can say yes and move on…

4. Food is the most important thing right now.

5. People always ask me how I am feeling and touch my belly.

6. Did I mention I am tired?

I am a person that has always had problems sleeping. Falling asleep, staying asleep, waking  early, etc.

In pregnancy, I am sleeping so well. I’ve never consistently had this much good sleep (I know, enjoy it now…) even with the six trips to the bathroom per night, I fall right back to sleep.  My wife on the other hand, well I guess my good sleep translates into lots of moving around and her sleep has been sadly destroyed- she used to be the good sleeper.

What do they have in common?

They are the two healthy foods that have made me the sickest while pregnant!

I thought in an effort to balance out my ice cream lunch I’d eat carrots and broccoli for a snack.  Bad idea. Very bad idea. I give up trying to be healthy.

I ventured out to do some errands today and as I started to get hungry, I headed home to make lunch, but some how I found myself at an ice cream stand and instead had a cone of chocolate brownie ice cream! It was so good!!! I think I could live on ice cream.

That stands for birthday and anniversary, but I must give credit to my friend H. who coined the term! My birthday had ups and downs. A. and I enjoyed the morning. She showered me with gifts. I was so surprised to receive some photographs I’d taken last winter that she’d had framed, as well am excited for our double pedicures today. She also gave me the National Geographic video, In The Womb. We’d watched it once a long time ago – as in the cycle before we started trying! It was really cool to watch it now that I’ve got something in my womb! I think the most meaningful gift she gave me was when she came home on Saturday with fresh off the highway plucked lupines (see picture to the left). They are my favorite flower and I was really sad that I was not going to see them since I couldn’t go to Maine and they don’t grow here. Our morning continued when we went out for bagels…I know such an exciting birthday breakfast, but that’s what my tummy wanted. I made a big mistake at lunch time…I ate an apple with my very safe pb&j sandwich, which made me sick. How does an apple make one soooo sick. We had plans to go out to eat dinner with some friends and I really should have canceled but I am stubborn and went. It was fun to see people and get out of the house, but I had to come home as soon as dinner was over because, yes, I was sick. What I’ve learned is that I feel great in the morning and as the day goes on, I tend to get sicker and sicker. At least now I know to plan things for the mornings and leave my afternoon and evening open. Tomorrow is our three year wedding anniversary, that’s where the birthaversary comes in. A. is home from work today and I am going to try to head to the Cape tomorrow to see cousins visiting from Alaska, so we decided to celebrate today. A had this card (see last paragraph of the post) framed for us. It’s our first baby room decoration! Oh and our friend, H. had an article about our wedding framed for us too! (This was the year of framed things). A newspaper ran a story on us when we got married, complete with color photos. It looks so great framed!

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