After much debate and soul searching we come to peace in our decision to be done having children. We never planned to have more than two, but after W’s birth we reconsidered, I was more wanting it than A. It’s been a torturous process for me wrapped up in how long we’d store our leftover vials.

In my heart, I want a third child. But I know that two is all we can handle. The bottom line is that we can not afford a third – financially nor emotionally.  Two takes just about all we’ve got and some days more. A and I have so little time as a couple. We’re excited to move forward and gain more of ourselves and our couplehood back.

This blog is coming to an end too. I have spent years here. It was the most valuable outlet during the dark days of trying to create our family. I’ve made friendships here, and have so many wonderful people in my life because of this blog. But I don’t maintain it, and it has no focus.

I am embarking on new adventures, which I will no doubt write about. I am excited to focus more on my crafty side. To create things. And I am also working on a long term project having to do with food allergies. My path is moving and this is not the place where I want to write. If I do create new spaces, I may link them here.

If you’re so inclined to remain in touch over FaceBook, and we’re not already friends, leave a comment and I will search you by your email.

So long. It’s been really fucking amazing to share this journey. Not a day goes by where I am not completely aware of how blessed I am to have two beautiful healthy children. I am not sure I would have made it here with out all the internet support.