Yesterday sucked.

We were busily planning for A’s family to visit so the plan was I’d take the kids to the playground while A  cleaned the house and went grocery shopping.

A couple of minutes after I left the mail arrived. Our letter carrier parked her mail truck and knocked on our door. Amy signed for a certified letter.

The letter informed us that she’d been laid off. LAID FUCKING OFF. TWO WEEKS  before school was to start. Awesome.

When I found out, I felt sick. I felt robbed, I felt helpless, I felt responsible for two children. And most of all I felt fucking pissed off that we’re going to lose our health insurance. It took me several hours to calm down.

Once calm, I started to put it all into perspective. Recently a good friend tragically lost her sister. Two weeks ago another friend lost her newborn to SIDS. Another friend is facing the mortality of her six week old son. All we’ve lost is a job, income, and health insurance.  That’s all. And really it isn’t much when I think about what other friends are losing.