I’ve been meaning to sit down and write about how wonderful things have been lately.

  • Mr. E seems to have gotten over his sleep issues and has returned to his big boy bed, although he still wakes up some nights- requiring assistance from one of his moms.
  • We’ve made some progress on him being more independent, for example until a month ago he’d whine and cry to be carried up and down the stairs. A simple sticker chart eradicated this need.
  • He’s very excited about the baby: kisses my belly and sings to her a lot.
  • A and I took an over night trip and I left him for the first time; we all survived (it was heaven).
  • I’ve been feeling pretty good (more good days than bad).
  • Potty training has been kicked up a notch and we’ve made the switch to full time underwear except for nap and bed time. Mostly this has been highly successful.

But today, I don’t feel fit to be in the company of other humans and I have entered the “getting this effing baby out of me” stage. My body hurts so much. The skin on belly is stretching, my pelvis aches, I am jabbed in the ribs all day and night long, my hands and feet are swollen, Mr. E wanted to be held all day and when he wasn’t being held he was trying to jump on me, I had to watch my two nephews today and I just didn’t have the patience for them, and potty use was at an all time low today, which meant potty clean up was at an all time high.

It was just a horrible day and the physical discomforts made it harder. I know it’s too early to wish labor upon myself. And I do want her to stay in until 37 weeks, at least, but after that, I have no shame at wishing her out.