Mr. E will miss the cut off to enter preschool in the fall by one month!  I have mixed feelings about it.  Part of me is not ready for him to go, but as I see him grow and learn through the groups we attend, I am almost certain that he’d thrive if he were able to go in September.

The school we are looking at is in our town, a private alternative school, offering preschool- 5th grade.  They are a bit alternative in their approach to education and they  and heavy on teaching sustainable living. The buildings are green, recycling and composting are incorporated daily, and there’s even a greenhouse! They also collect more green from the parents than the surrounding preschools.

Overall we know this is the best school for Mr. E and our values.  We also know other two mom families who’ve been very happy with the school and their acceptance and inclusion of their families.  Unlike the other schools they offer a January admittance, which would allow Mr. E to start just as he turns three instead of having to wait until September when he’s 3.8.

I am not sure how we are at the point where we’re already thinking about preschool.  Time really does fly.  I love this school so much, that I am already dreaming of sending him there for elementary school.  I should start playing the lottery.