When pregnant the first time we wanted the sex of our baby to be a surprise and we waited till birth. It was truly amazing to have that experience.

This time, I assumed we’d do the same. Both times, A wanted to find out. She convinced me that we should find out and I decided a little mid-pregnancy pick-me-up was in order since I am still sick! Also, I was having a hard time bonding with this baby given that I run after a toddler all day. And the constant sickness has made me pretty miserable and hating being pregnant.

So we had out anatomy scan two days ago and we are having……. a GIRL!

We are so thrilled! We almost didn’t get to find out because her legs were crossed and she was not budging, but on the tech’s last attempt she opened them and we all saw it at once. I knew what to look for and as I saw the three lines she excitedly exclaimed “it’s a girl!”  It’s a moment I’ll never forget!