Last Thursday I was attending a meeting and left my phone in my car. I returned to a very frantic message from A. I knew it wasn’t good and was left only one doubt: Who died?

My uncle who has had some health issues lately, but seemed to be on the mend passed away unexpectedly in his home, by himself. A friend found him the next day when he went to pick him up for a post op appointment.

My mother was listed as next of kin, so the police knocked on our door at 5:45 to deliver the news to A, who was home alone with Mr. E. She proceeded to call all of our immediately family and no one was near their phone.

It’s been a very tough few days. Things are coming together for a memorial service in Washington state as well as here on the Cape. At my mother’s suggesting Mr. E and I are flying out with my parents to attend the service and help with all the details of sorting through my uncle’s stuff.

On Saturday Mr. E started vomiting, but was acting normal otherwise and had no fever. I had to make the decision to go or stay. I opted to go, tickets were purchased to fly on Tuesday. He has not stopped throwing up since. I thought he was better this morning and I took him the pediatricians to get the okay to fly, which she gave him. She also said I could give him toast and bananas. He threw up as soon as he ate.

Even better, I started throwing up. I am still unable to tell if it’s his bug or just the pregnancy. I still have nausea every day, and am sensitive to smalls. His vomit and diarrhea tend to induce my vomiting. I guess time will tell if we’ll be on that plane tomorrow.