The ever elusive thing that all parents of small children are seeking.

Sleep has slowly become more plentiful in our house since I became pregnant and night weaned Mr. E (20 months). At the same time we moved him to his room and pretty much ended the co-sleeping. I was ready and he took to it pretty well.

We’d go through stretches of him sleeping through the night and then waking once a night. One of us would have to go to him and rock him back to sleep. At first he’d let us put him down asleep. But then, he suddenly started to sense we were putting him down and he’d wake up crying, and then need to fuss back to sleep, all after we’d just spent half an hour in the middle of the night comforting him.

It got really annoying exhausting. So about a week ago, as A put him to bed, as she does every night, I told him that if he woke in the night, no one was going to come in and get him. He of course woke. He whined for less than ten minutes and we did not hear from him till 7am. Next night, the whining lasted about two minutes, and the next he slept through and last night, I heard one lone cry; I imagine that was how long it took him to find lovey and binky.

I do not support crying it out, but whining it out, well sometimes I think that is an important part of self soothing, and in our case, it has made it so that our son can sleep all night long, by himself, which has just become a necessity.

Now, the only snag in our plan…he is sleeping in his pack n play. He refuses to sleep in his crib. I have no idea why. We’re going to work on getting him into the crib after the holiday guests (occupying his room) leave.

I hope it’s true what they say, you never get two of the same…so this next baby will be one of those who STTN at 6 weeks, right? I don’t think I can do this for another two years!