Somehow you snuck up on us.

Things are moving. Fast. In the last week my All Day Sickness has begun to taper, but I still have my days.  I am still exhausted but when I nap I seem to wake up more sick so I am trying not to nap and just go to bed early.  I still have a lot of food aversions, but have begun to expand my meal options, which is a good indicator that I am coming out on the other side!

There have been times during the last seven weeks of illness when I’ve seriously questioned what we were thinking.  It is so hard to be pregnant.  I hate it and it’s so much harder with a (very clingy) toddler.  I know for sure I never want to do this again. I’ve sort of always wanted three kids, but pregnancy is not my gig, and two is where my blessing will end.  (Of course, this is unless A chooses to get pregnant…)

And, pathetically, that’s really all I’ve got, ’cause I’m tired and need to go to bed.