The scene this morning:

Me overcome by nausea. Vomiting. While Mr. E stood by watching. When I could speak I’d say Mommy’s tummy really hurts. Hold on a minute. (This is something we’ve been telling him: Mommy is sick in her tummy, because I’ve been pretty useless these days.)

After several minutes he starts repeating: All done Mommy. ALL DONE!

Ya, I am pretty much all done with the morning sickness, but nonetheless, it’s not done with me. In fact, it’s just getting worse. I can’t take Mr. E to his music class today, the groceries have not been bought in almost two weeks and we NEED food, I need to do a few things at my Dad’s office, but have been too sick to go in.

It was not this bad last time. No where near as bad.

In other news, I had my ultrasound yesterday and we are having one baby! This was a huge relief.

And equally big news– I night weaned Mr. E this week and he has started sleeping in his own room all through the night. I am beyond ecstatic about this!!! We’re down to one nursing a day which I am fine with. I just could not do the over nights anymore.