I have had the same dream twice. Both times they were in the wee hours before getting a positive pregnancy test.

The first time was back in May 2007; I took an hpt and saw two lines.  It was the night before we were going to test.  I vividly remember the pure joy in that dream upon seeing two pink lines.  When I awoke, and the lines materialized that excitement was realized.

Two nights ago I had the same dream. And again two pink lines formed.

Now, I had tested countless cycles prior to these and even within these cycles and never had the dream except for the nights before the positives came.  I can’t explain it…

We are starting to settle into the idea that we’re having a June Bug and when I ask Mr. E where Mommy’s baby is he points to my belly and says “in there.”  My nephew asked me how many babies are in my belly?  Ummmm…

Today I scheduled an ultrasound for when I am six weeks to take a peek and see just how many?  (I took Clomid and did not have ultrasound monitoring pre-ovulation so there’s a chance of multiples – I’ve produced anywhere from one to three eggs on previous Clomid cycles.)  We’re going with the some-what-local-midwife, who is an hour away.  As much as I want to return the one who has gotten me pregnant not once, but twice, I just can’t travel three hours each way for prenatal appointments.  The local midwife (as well as the hospital and nurses) comes highly recommended by all the mamas here.  It seems as though the environment and support will be very much that of what I had during my last pregnancy and birth experience.

Thanks for all the love and support and congratulations.  We are on cloud nine here and hoping this baby sticks and grows healthy.