We’re approaching that time in the two week wait were we can fathom testing.  We know it’s too early, but surely women have gotten BFPs at 11dpo, right?  So tomorrow morning I will POAS. Woah!

This time around, the TWW is just as agonizing, but the bigness of what we are doing is much more pronounced to me.  Last time it was all hypothetical: can I get pregnant? Pregnant with a baby. Now it’s all so real.  Another child, a sibling for Mr. E. Another nursling.  A real being that I can comprehend. I mean, I really thought I carrying an alien for the better part of my last pregnancy. I could not wrap my head around it.  This time it’s all very different.

We probably won’t have any conclusive results for another three or so days…but let the fun being!