As we quickly move closer to ovulation day, it seems as though everything is perfect.

Traveling three hours away from home with a toddler, coordinating where to stay, child care for the insemination, check ins with my midwife, requesting a sperm pick up, registering for the pick up…it’s all done. And I have a day and a half left to pack before we leave!

I have never needed a village more than I do right now.¬† When we decided I would travel for inseminations I knew there would be a lot to work out, but I could not factor those details into the decision. Surely I would have canceled the plan. But an amazing friend has opened her home and offered her time so that I don’t have to worry about many of the details. This has enabled me to stay in my zen-I’m-gonna-get-pregnant-really freaking-soon-state. My midwife is just as giddy with excitement as I am, and I don’t have to pick up the Popsicle siblings until 8am on Monday! (Previously was told 7:30am!!!)

There is a 50 percent chance the insemination will be with my favorite midwife who is on-call on Tuesday. When she told me this I said: Well I’ll hope for Tuesday and she said, Me too!