July was going to be our month. I met with the new midwife, A contacted our storage facility. We signed the papers to have our sperm shipped. Sounds like a plan, right? All our ducks in a row, right? Ya, but it seems my body didn’t get the memo and has gone on an ovulation hiatus. So we wait, for an unknown amount of time.

I am trying *so* hard to remain zen about the whole situation. I know from the first time around that rushing things is a recipe for disaster, that timing is everything, and that the baby we will get *someday* will be meant for us and worth the wait.

I do wish we were starting to try, but circumstances are not right. As A and I continue to settle into our new home (it’s been 14 months…), I find the stress of nurturing our new roots taking it’s toll on my body. I know I am blessed with the toddler we have and I know we’ll know when the time is right to make him a big brother.