For mother’s day, all the mothers in my life decided we’d go out, sans children. My father generously agreed to stay with Mr. E. We left just after I put him down for a nap and we were gone almost four hours. If I told you that I was not at all nervous about leaving Mr. E with my Dad I would be lying. It’s not because I think he would ever harm him, not all, it’s just that he’s just not naturally a baby person. Mr. E adores my dad, and my dad adores him though, so we left him with him and knew all would be fine.

When we got home, my father had Mr. E out in the back yard, He was wearing his shirt and a diaper. A pre fold with a cover. My Dad, impeccably diapered him in a pre fold with a cover (it was diaper washing day and the easy-to-use FuzziBuz were still hanging on the line). All worriers were averted, and it was so clear how both of them loved their time together.

And we women had a leisurely lunch. It was perfect. And to top it off, my Dad paid for the lunch!