This weekend brought summertime weather and we got busy. I think we’ve started running on summer energy.

On Saturday we:


~Washed diapers and hung them out to dry

~Took Mr. E to watch the herring swim upstream at the Herring Run in our town

~Purchased the materials to build two raised garden beds

~Built two garden beds

~Baked a cake for my father’s birthday

~Washed 6,000 loads of laundry

And today we:

~Went out to breakfast to celebrate my father’s birthday

~Shoveled a truckload of mulch into the truck; into garden beds

~Got a truckload of top soil; shoveled truckload of top soil into garden beds

~Drank a beer

~Ate birthday cake

~Made laundry detergent (have I mentioned I’ve started making this?)

~Took Mr. E to the beach, played in the water and built sandcastles

~Came home, cleaned up, made dinner

~Took Mr. E on his nightly walk, put him to bed

~Put away 6,000 loads of laundry

And now…we are heading out to sit by the fire pit…time to relax!