My son is 14 months old.    It’s true what ‘they’ say: every stage is better than the last.

Most of my writing lately has been about me or about getting ready to start trying for our second child. I want another baby just as much as I wanted my first, but I will be forever grateful for my son. And I am falling in love with him over and over every day.

So…at 14 months what’s he up to?

He’s started to walk. I can’

I can’t believe that when I unbuckle him from his car seat, he sets foot on ground and walks to the front door. He walks! And he falls. This is such a hard time because there are so many falls and so many bumps, bruises, and blood shed. It’s hard for this mum to see my son in pain. But every day he gets better and better at walking.

He’s started to talk. His first word was his cousin’s name. After that he started saying Mama, eat, tea, yes. And he makes a noise like a cat (whenever he sees a cat IRL or in a book).

He loves to give kisses. He makes a ‘mmmmm’ noise, leans in, and with his open mouth he smacks one on. It’s too precious.

His signing has exploded. He is signing much more than he’s speaking and every week he seems to pick up more signs. Most of them are not all that helpful (baby, spider, dog, light, fan) but he can sign milk and bed and really what else does he need to tell us?

He is eating. He eats. Have I mentioned this? The baby who did not eat for 13 months loves food. He eats three meals a day, plus snacks, and nursing. I can’t wait to see what he weighs at his 15 month appointment.

He is using his potty. This isn’t new since we’ve been ECing since he was four months, but twice last week he went to the bathroom and got his potty. Once on it he proceeded to, um, use it. He will also respond in the affirmative when I ask if he needs to go potty. (I seriously can’t imagine changing poopy diapers.)

But perhaps most importantly…HE IS SLEEPING! Not quite through the night, but for him, it might as well be STTN. And he’s down to one three hour nap per day! I can actually plan on it. And get work done!

To me, this means we.are.on.the.other.side. Many people said believe I should have: weaned, done CIO, not co-slept, and I would have gotten this result sooner. But I can honestly say I would not trade breastfeeding and co-sleeping for any amount of sleep. (A may have a different opinion…)

Every day I am amazed that my little baby is a toddler. He plays outside with the neighborhood kids. He has strong opinions. He is growing and learning so much. Sometimes I miss the cuddly little baby, but I wouldn’t trade now for anything. He is my everything and I love him so much!