This is the cycle I was supposed to start charting. This would give me one full cycle before our meeting with the new midwife. I was so excited to get my period last week. I even remembered to pull out the fertility monitor and reset it before I hit day 5! I was pretty darn proud that after nearly two years I remembered this detail. But I put off buying the monitor sticks and OPKs. And then the plague hit our house. I was knocked out for three days and just as I was coming the land of the living, Mr. E he became sicker than he’s ever been. So since last Friday night, I’ve either been sick sick sick, or caring for a sick sick sick boy – around the clock.

Needless to say, I am not charting this cycle. While picking up his prescription at the pharmacy yesterday I waltzed into the “family planning” aisle and entertained the idea of buying all the sticks – it’s not too late to chart. I was quickly reminded of how expensive all the sticks are and knew I could order them much cheaper on-line, so instead I bought a really high end thermometer – which was desperately needed in our house of sick.

My sticks (…including some hpts) have been ordered an shipped. I doubt they will arrive in time for this cycle, and I am okay with that. I know I have some ambivalence about starting the process all over again and I want to listen to that inner voice this time. I have to listen. I have a son who needs his mommy to be present for him, and not some freaky ttc bitch. So if we’re delayed a cycle, so be it. We’ll be back in the game come spring or early summer. And all this winter crud will be gone – and hopefully all the sickies will go away too!