Back when I was pregnant I thought a stroller would be a very integral part of having a baby (I know now that baby carriers are much more useful for the everyday needs). My main requirement was that it needed to have a reversible handle so that the baby could face in or out. After lots of research I decided I wanted a Peg Perego for exactly this reason and then I bought one of of List.

It was great and served it’s purpose. Until I decided I wanted to get in shape and quickly realized the traditional 4 wheeled strollers really aren’t for trudging through the woods, power walking, or running. We had been given a Jeep jogging stroller as a gift, so I pulled it out and used it a lot. But I never really liked it. Mostly I don’t like the way the seat reclines and I can never get it up enough for E to really sit up.

I’ve come to realize I want a really good (but not necessarily really expensive) jogging stroller. I am going to sell our other two and buy a new one. But I need help finding the perfect one…and most places don’t carry every single stroller so I do think I will be left mail ordering.

When I think of this new stroller I also keep in mind that we hope to have another baby and we’ll need the new one to work for that baby too. That in mind here’s my criteria:

Absolute must haves:

  1. Option to face in or out- not a stroller system – I am not sure that I will use a “bucket infant car seat” for the next one
  2. Swivel front wheel
  3. 5-point harness
  4. Decent sunshade
  5. Durability – I want to be able to go through the woods, over stumps, across streams
  6. Comfort – for all the rocky riding
  7. Plenty of storage
  8. Cup holders for moms

Love to have but not a deal breaker:

  1. Rubber tires
  2. Hand break
  3. Adjustable handle

I am willing to spend some money for the perfect stroller but I am not willing to pay a huge fortune.

And lastly, if you have this jogger, I want to know what  you think. So far it’s the only one I can find that meets my criteria, but I am worried about durability. The reviews are wonderful. The biggest con seems to be that it’s heavy. But it’s the only jogger I’ve found that is reversible – which is at the top of my criteria.