Mr. E has been clapping for a while. But it seems that every day he becomes more and more excited about the act of clapping. It’s his most well polished – and most frequently used sign, for sure! He tends to clap to show his approval, his appreciation, as well as when he knows we’re proud of him. For example, he recently started eating for realz, and this was a huge deal in our world. So we’d clap and say yay Mr. E, you ate your dinner! Soon he started clapping along with us.

He claps when he gets excited by people or activities. Just a little while ago I asked him if he wanted milk and he signed milk back to me – his way of saying yes. I scooped him up and went to our nursing chair. As I unbuttoned my shirt then unsnapped my bra he began clapping with great joy! And all I could think was, yay mom, you’ve got the boobs out!

Every day just gets better and better with this little nut!