Just two weeks ago A and I lamented to Mr. E’s pediatrician that we could not get him to eat food. He was nursing between 8 and 10 times per day and just refused food. She asked us if we’d tried this and that, and in the end was just stumped, but not worried since was getting plenty of breast milk.

And it seems just the next day he started eating. There was a slight set back when two teeth started working their way in and then unrelated he became sick. Now he’s feeling better and eating three meals a day and nursing closer to 4 – 5 times in a 24 hour period – with at least 2 of those overnight. Grrrrrrr.

Today he did something unheard of. He crawled over to his highchair, stood up, and shook it. When I asked if he wanted something to eat he motioned yes. I picked him up and he agreeably sat in the highchair (also usually a stuggle – today he ate lunch sitting on my lap). He drank his water and ate three graham sticks!

I think we’ve turned a corner. I hope so! His sleep, while still challenging has improved remarkably since he started eating more.

In other news, my appointment with the new midwife is March 16th…8 weeks from today! I wish it were sooner, but it still may be soon enough to try in April, May might be a more realistic.