…this blog will soon return to our regularly scheduled programming. We’re starting the process of  ttc#2!

Not many people go on a job interview and leave deciding maybe it’s time to get pregnant instead of going to work…but that is just what A and I decided after talking it all out. I need to start charting and get acquainted with a new midwife. I was concerned about breastfeeding and clomid but all my research indicates it does not pass through the milk, but it may dry me up a bit, so I will have to take care to ramp up my supply and will sadly have to start pumping more than ever – just when I was trying to stop pumping!

Let the madness begin!

ETA: I would love to hear from others who have TTC while nursing, and nursed while pregnant. Even if I wanted to wean Mr. E, he is way too dependent and rarely eats solid foods.