One year ago I was very pregnant, but really I was only 37 weeks and 4 days. I was so miserable. A and I had a plan for my maternity leave to synchronize with her teaching practicum. If the baby waited till the due date or even came a little late, we’d be in really good shape. But as we sat in our living room that night, talking of our plan, I rubbed my belly and told the baby, “we have our plan, but you can come any time.” And six hours later he started his descent. I woke at 3 am having just felt my water break. Holy crap I was about to have the most amazing, terrifying, powerful, womanly, experience of my life.

Wow. What a year. I have much more to say…but since he took so long to come out I feel I have time to drag this post out…On Friday my sweet boy turns one.