It’s been a while.

We survived the holidays. There were some really bad moments and some really wonderful moments. My body physically took on the stress resulting in a very sore neck for days. Not fun.

A and I have always loosely celebrated solstice. This year we decided to claim it. We knew Christmas would be a zoo so we took December 21st as our special family time. It was the highlight of my holiday season and as things got nuts I reflected back on our yule log and our celebration.

dscn0715E was fascinated by our yule log – made from wood chopped on our property.

dscn0723We sat peacefully watching our lit log after lighting out intentions and tossing them in the fireplace.

After our small Christmas plans dissolved our Christmas Day celebration opened like a dam. Soon we had family and friends, and neighbors and other people’s friends for dinner. It was not small. But what I like to remember when I look back is the quiet time we spent first thing in the morning. The sky was just beginning to light, the house was quiet, and A, E and I cuddled by the tree. We helped E open his presents and he played. It was an amazingly peaceful time. And he had so much fun.

dscn0757He tore into the presents – no matter if they were for him or not…

dscn0735E loved our tree and spent much time taking ornaments off!

We enjoyed a quiet New Years at home. We made pasta carbonara with fresh pasta and a yummy salad. We drank cosmos, wine, and champagne. We even stayed up till midnight! (sorry no pictures.)

We enjoyed two weeks of A being on vacation. We got things done, we played, we got together with friends, we relaxed.

We started planning E first birthday party! We started talking more seriously about ttc. We rested.

Now we are back to the grind. A went back to work today and E and I are settling back into our routine. I was really sad but am finding that I am really happy to be back to normal. He and I have a busy week ahead with his cousins, starting Music Together class, and his BIRTHDAY! On Friday he turns one and I am an emotional mess. We are having a play date with three of his little friends that day and on Saturday we’re having a big old birthday party! Many pictures to follow.