It’s easy to come to my computer and post about the challenges of motherhood and daily drudgery. And I’ve done my fair share lately and I thank you all for indulging me. I’ve had a few ideas of things I’ve wanted to write about recently, but time is never on my side. Recent ideas included:

  • The homophobic vandalism done to our car while traveling over Thanksgiving
  • The sleepless nights, continued
  • The state of our checking and saving accounts make me sick
  • Worries about the economy
  • A’s part time jobs sucktitude (it’s my blog I can make up words and phrases)
  • Wondering if we’re ever going to “get on our feet”, move out of my parents house, and live like a normal family

These thoughts do consume my brain space, but you know, I am trying to slow down. And appreciate what I do have.

  • The vandalism wasn’t permanent
  • Some day Mr. E will sleep through the night
  • We might not have any money, but all the bills are getting paid
  • I have no control over the economy, and am thankful my retirement savings have plenty of time to rebound
  • A has the credentials – the benefited, full-time job will come, in due time
  • My parents have given us so much and living together has mostly been really great for us them and Mr. E.

And, most of all, I want to relax and enjoy my boy, so many holiday seasons passed with me clinging to the hope that the end of whatever ttw I was in would result in the miracle who is now resting quietly up in his crib. I have everything I need. I have everything I really want.