We started sign language with Mr. E about four months ago – he was six months old. He and I took a class and A and I have been doing it at home ever since. Around eight months he fully understood when I used sign to  ask if he wanted milk? His affirmative response is a giggly excited kind of display. Shortly after that he seemed to understand: eat, drink, kitty, and potty – although milk, and kitty are the only signs that make him excited (kitty when he’s seeing our cat, that is). We were please that he showed understanding, but have been anxiously awaiting for him to sign back. We knew it was coming since he was comprehending us.

Today he signed! He and A are home together on Mondays while I work in the morning and he started signing “fan”. So of course all afternoon I’ve been asking him “where is the fan?” And he keeps telling me! It’s the cutest thing ever! Hopefully this sign will be followed by his so called “sign cluster.” I love that we are communicating with him. It’s just so awesome!