Today Mr. E is 10 months.

Life has been rough lately, as previously written. But this post is about the good.

Mobility. Mr. E, while still very clingy, has started full on crawling. A and I thought maybe once he started crawling he’d be less clingy, but no, he just crawls into our laps and continues playing. Sigh.

Sleep. Went from shitty to pretty damn good, back to shitty. I’ve decided to let go and let Mr. E… I’m done trying to predict when he will sleep through the night with any regularity. This way I can’t be disappointed by the lack of sleep.

Eating. It’s getting better. Mr. E has joined the baby ranks and realized that Cheerios are indeed really freaking fabulous. We’ve convinced him they are dessert! Ya, we’re sneaky. As far as other foods go -he’s hot and cold. This is another thing that I am trying to give up any expectations. I know that he’s getting all he needs from me, so if he only wants milk, so be it. I mean, by the time he’s getting on the school bus, he’ll kick the habit, I think.

Teeth. In the last month or so he’s popped out four new teeth on the top.

Cute. Oh yeah, he’s still got that.

Gross. And today for his 10 month birthday we attended a party to celebrate Obama. And he celebrated by eating dog food…while we weren’t looking. He’s got an allergic rash to prove it! (It’s taking all my restraint not to go on a rant about how he’ll eat dog food and not the homemade food I prepare for him.)