Little E just got over a cold – it took the usual two weeks to run its course and the nighttime coughing disturbed his sleep resulting in lots of co-sleeping.

This past Sunday his nose started running. Again. And now we are back into a full-blown cold complete with night coughing and, you guessed it, co-sleeping.  He will go down to bed by himself and then wake about two hours later in a coughing fit. A’s tried to soothe him; my mother has taken him, all he wants is the boob. And when I put it away, he cries. So he and I have moved into his room and we sleep side by side. It’s pure sweetness. And it’s exhausting. I really love co-sleeping and have always regretted that we ended it so prematurely. I tried to tell myself he wanted to sleep on his own, but I am not so sure that’s the truth. This is probably why I don’t mind co-sleeping to comfort him while he’s sick.

So we are together all night and day. Because just when I didn’t think his clinginess could intensify, it has. He will not let me put him down. If we are playing on the floor, he’s sitting on my lap. Sitting next to me used to be sufficient, but no more. When I go to set him down he clutches my arms, digging his tiny fingernails into my arm. And now he does the same thing when I try to put him down for a nap in his crib.

A came home for lunch the other day and tried to put him down, when he protested, she asked, “how do you do this all day?” My SIL took care of him for four hours yesterday, all the while texting me about how difficult he was being, and then when I returned home she said, “I don’t know how you deal. He never let me put him down. How do you get anything done?” At least I know that it’s not all in my head, and other people see what I am dealing with.

I really don’t know what to do about it. I can’t hold him twenty-four hours a day. But if I put him down he will cry until I pick him up or sit him on me. Walks outside used to be a sure cure, but now it’s too cold.

He’s also in the process of cutting two more teeth after just getting two out (so four in about three weeks time) and he’s becoming much more mobile, but still learning a lot about movement. A friend of mine told me there’s theory out there that when babies are about to achieve a new developmental stage they become extra clingy due to an insecurity associated with their almost found new freedom. This makes a lot of sense to me and does correlate to how he’s been acting. For now, I’ve set aside any goals of getting anything done and am trying to go with it. He can’t (won’t) stay like this forever, I know.