When I put Mr. E down last night everything seemed fine. He went without a fuss. He’d eaten dinner, nursed, and read stories. (As noted in my previous post, the eating was a big deal.)

Two and a half hours later he woke. This is not out of the norm, but it making us out of our minds. A soothed him back to sleep. But ten minutes later he was crying again so I nursed him. He dozed off and I put him in his crib. Not five minutes later the poor boy was crying again. I pulled out my ‘last resort’ card and brought him to bed with us. He tried so hard to snuggle and go to sleep. He wanted to sleep, his eyes were so so so heavy. But he just couldn’t so I got up and went downstairs to rock him. Same routine there. But the odd thing was that he was rejecting the pacifier and my boob. These are two things that he never rejects.

I stood up to walk him since sitting was not working out. He coughed and then vomited all over both of us, and his lovey. Sad. My mother came running to our rescue, she changed him while I changed. Once we were both clean I took him back and began walking a little – when it happened for the second time! Same routine – mom took him while I changed and she changed him. By now I’d picked up that just before he vomits he rejects the pacifier and then coughs. Which was pretty great seeing that just before it happened for a third time I managed to get out of the glider and into the kitchen.

The poor little guy. We got cleaned up for the third time and my mother started the laundry to wash all the vomit soaked clothing. Ewwww. He didn’t have anything left in him and was exhausted so he and I went up to his room and climbed into bed. He fell asleep immediately. And seemed so happy to be co-sleeping while he was sick. He snuggled right into me. It was cute cute cute. It took me some time to fall asleep, but I was content to just stare at my peacefully sleeping baby.

He seems fine now, maybe a little tired, and isn’t nursing as much as usual, but he is in a good mood. But now I am afraid to give him food again!