Three years ago when I started this blog it was like my lifeblood. I was so excited to start our ttc journey and the idea of connecting with others on-line was thrilling. Then as the journey carried on the blog became my therapy. While pregnant I garnered great amounts of support as we waited out the months till we became moms.

Lately? I can’t seem to write anything of real sustenance. I am not sure if there are really any readers any more. And I don’t know if I should, or need to keep the blog going. Perhaps its purpose has been served – to help us achieve motherhood.

I’ve met lots of people through my blog – some even in real life, which will be forever a wonderful blessing, and others who I just “know” on-line.

I don’t know what life would be like with out the blog. Maybe I’d start a new one. Or maybe I just need to re-focus here and pump some life into this blog.