It’s been going on for a while. My dear little boy will not let us put him down. And when we do put him down we damn well better be sitting next to him so he can play while touching us and then climb into our laps and continue playing.

I love that he is so affectionate. It’s great really. But holding / sitting next to / being sat on all day long is wearing me down. He’s also starting to pick up more nursing session in a day. And seems to be remembering that once upon a time he was into comfort nursing.

I broke down and bought a hot sling (well, two, one for me and one for A, since we needed different sizes). It seems to be the only carrier that we can comfortably do ‘the hip carry’ which helps me to be able to actually get things done, and accommodate his needs.

Most days I roll with it, but today it’s really just hard. My head is pounding (second tension headache this week) and he is more needy than usual.