As in my cycle was 31 days this month.

When my period returned at five months post partum, it was in the 40 day range. Each cycle thereafter was about a day or two shorter. This time I shaved off seven days! SEVEN. 28-31 days is my typical range.

Game is so not on.

I don’t know if I’ve posted about the change in plans. We were going to start trying again in once Mr. E was one, and weaned. As the months flew by I realized I would not be ready to wean him at one year. At the same time we were in health insurance limbo. We have insurance. It’s crappy. I can’t have a midwife on it. There were a series of things that could have happened that would have resulted in better insurance. So I sort of put it out to the universe. And the universe said, ‘keep your crappy insurance.’

Now we are on hold until next fall. Maybe longer but not sooner. And I am so okay with it. I am just enjoying my little guy and enjoying not stressing about charting or other ttc stuff. And most of all, I know I am doing what’s best for both of us by continued breast feeding. Once we hit one year, I have no idea how long we’ll go, I keep saying well stop when it makes sense. Be that for him or me or both of us.