School has been on my mind a lot lately. Pre-school, grade school, college*.

To say education is important to A and I would be an understatement. My background is in higher education, her’s in elementary education. Mr. E is two years away from pre-school and I don’t think it’s too soon to start thinking. Some pre-schools in the area have a year long wait list. Pre-schools come with a hefty price tag. And then there’s the fact that I’d have to leave him there. I know, I have issues. Let’s just move on, ok?

For a lot of reasons I’ve been thinking about gathering my community and starting a co-op preschool. Co-op schools are one where all parents play equal roles in all areas of sustaining the school. They teach, clean, fund-raise, and so on. Each parent is not present everyday, but do share equal amounts of work. The more I think about it, the more I crave this type of pre-school.

I am an internal processor, so I’ve been thinking and researching and am just now starting to reach out. I sent an email out to my local Holistic Moms Network list serve today. Within hours I had several positive responses of moms also craving this style of pre-school. I have other moms in mind who are not part of our local chapter of the HMN who may also be interested (one a former Montessori teacher, turned stay at home mom). I really think this could happen!

When I first brought up the idea to A, she was supportive and then followed with, you’re going to homeschool him aren’t you? Homeschooling was never my intention. Co-op schooling, now that is something I could get behind. And one of my fellow HMN moms wrote in her reply that she’d also like to explore the idea of extending beyond pre-school. I really can’t say how far we will take it, but we are on for making our best effort to build the pre-school. At some point I will have to return to working outside the home full time, so I can’t commit to co-op schooling indefinitely, but the idea is appealing and if my work schedule could accommodate it, I think we’d try it (yes, even my public-school-teacher-wife supports this!).

Stay tunned … it’s sure to be an adventure!

*Be on the look out for a post about funding college in the year 2026.