Our friends and family often comment on how easily Mr. E goes to sleep. This was a result of us doing sleep training with him AND him being really into sleep. It was a good match. I am a bit of a nap freak. I usually schedule our days so he has two good (2+ hours) crib naps per day. It takes a lot of work and cuts into a lot of things to accomplish but we’re all the better for it.

Today we were visiting with friends from Noho while they are vacationing on the Cape. They are staying 50 minutes from where we live so I packed Mr. E up after his morning nap and thought after driving for almost an hour we’d only get to stay for an hour and a half at most, and his afternoon nap would be in the car on the way home – not in the crib, but at least he’d be on schedule.

Ha! My boy got tired, on cue, but we were not really ready to leave yet so I set up his stroller out side, gave him his lovey and a binky and he fell asleep with out so much as a whimper. And stayed asleep. Until it started raining on him!