Today I had a much better group interaction than the one I wrote about yesterday. Shortly after we moved here I joined the local chapter of the national organization, Holi.stic I wanted to find some other crunchy mamas, and I figured that would do it.

I’ve been attending the meetings all summer (we meet once a month) and while I’ve enjoyed meeting the moms, the meetings were a little too structured for me – outside speakers talking about different things, and not a whole lot of time for really chatting and building relationships. But that all changed today. We had a ‘reconnecting and planning for the future meeting’ and it was so so so nice to spend two hours talking and getting to know these women. I felt so peaceful as we sat in a circle and talked with five or so babies, ages six to 17 months playing in front of us. And even better I like the direction the group decided to head in – more social and less structure.

After we’d wrapped up the meeting I stayed behind and talked with the other mamas of little ones. And that was so great. They speak my language – diaper swappers, baby carriers, hyena cart… I could related to them. We made a play date with two of the moms and babies for next Friday. I left there feeling like I have begun to plant the seeds of my community. A finds her community at our church, and I like it there just fine, but it still leaves me feeling a little empty.

I’ve enjoyed meeting the other (non-crunchy) moms – and I think it’s good for me to have friends who are different from me, but I really value having friends with common ideals. I often feel like the cloth diapering-breastfeeding-homemade baby food making-elimination communication-queer mom freak. And with this circle I just am. It’s relaxing not to have to explain, and be all peppy about it. They just get it. Or they are at least aware of it.