When you become a mom, your title should really become ‘researcher.’

Mr. E was diagnosed with eczema around four and half months but in truth he’d had it longer than that and we were ignorant to this fact. We took him to the pedis when he had what looked like an infection in the area that was often red and rubbery looking. It had gotten yellow, scabby, and generally looked like it hurt.

He was prescribed a topical remedy that we were to apply three times per day on the infected area and sent home with E.ucerine creme for the other areas. I promptly began this routine and he broke out in a rash from the E.ucerine and the Rx ointment didn’t seem to do a whole lot.

We were back at the pedis two weeks later and she said we could add L.otrimin AF and A.quaphor into the mix. Mostly it still looked sore, but not infected. However he seemed to develop more breakouts. We battle the eczema in the crease of both his arms, legs and ankles. I’ve watched sometimes as he scratches at the itchy spots while he sleeps.

I’d had enough of trying to manage it through topical measures so I began doing a lot of research -which I really should have done a long time ago. Eczema is usually hereditary or a sign of food allergy. I have no history. The donor does not appear to, nor do any of the seven other half siblings (that we know about). Hmm. So then I got to thinking, maybe this is allergy related. And I got on the Elimination Diet. It is h.a.r.d! I think I’m seeing a slight improvement in the areas that tend to be most sore – his arms, but his legs are still looking pretty bad. I say think because I kind of feel like I am in the tww all over again, hoping desperately, that this will be the thing that cures my kid.

I’ve also added a probiotic supplement to my diet. This is supposed to help too. Further research tells me that it may be more effective to give the probiotics directly to him. I am still looking into that as I want to make sure what ever I do is safe; I don’t take giving him things lightly. If you have experience, please comment.

So there. That’s what we’ve been up to: fighting baby eczema, by cutting milk and soy proteins (which are in EVERYTHING), lathering on too many ointments to keep a routine straight, and taking funky pills full of good bacteria. If this does not solve the eczema issue I am going to scream.