Most days I am delighted that darling Mr. E takes really good naps and dozes off to sleep with no help from us. Really I am. But I am starting to wonder if he sleeps too much. He will be seven months old this weekend, and seems to sleep a lot more than all the babies I know. Here’s a typical day:

7:30am wake up

8:30am rubbing eyes, goes down for about an hour and a half

10am wake up

Noon down for two+ hours

5/5:30 down for 45minutes to an hour

7/7:30 down for the night

He wakes to feed at 10:30pm and 2am

At his six month visit the pedi tried to convince me to add cereal to his diet to ensure he’s getting enough iron. All my research indicates cereal is not necessary for breast fed babies because they get the iron they need from the breast milk, and that it became popular practice to give cereal when formula became the norm. So we don’t do cereal. But of course, I wonder, if he’s tired and sleeping a ton because he’s not getting enough iron and is anemic?

Is this amount sleep normal? Argh! We were visiting with friends over the weekend who have not seen him since we left the Valley and they commented on how when he’s engaged in an activity he is all there. He puts all his energy into things.We’ve also noticed this, maybe he’s just so focused that he wears himself out? I dunno. Thoughts?