My mother is a hip grandmother. She’s always been “young” – she’s a kid at heart. She works mostly with teenagers and knows more about sex, drugs, and rock and roll than I do (and the drugs are starting to scare me – not her using, the kids around here).  She’s in touch with all the latest and greatest, much in part to the kids and teens she works with.

She also goes through obsessive phases. She drives a red VW beetle. So she needed a red razor phone (when they were new), and a red iPod. Well I made the mistake of giving A a red iPod for Christmas last year. And my dad did not give my mother one. He made up for it two months later on her birthday. She got her red iPod and a Bose dock. She dose everything with her iPod. Exercises, weeds in the yard, all yard work really. She loves it. And she loves loves loves the iTunes store. She also uses it to show off her grand kids. She makes albums in her iPhoto (on her MacBook), uploads them to her iPod and is out the door to meet her high school friends – ready to show off the latest pictures.

So far, so good. But, she has crossed into one of my internet haunts, Facebook. Several months back, A and I made a private blog for family to see pictures of Mr. E. We had constant requests from people for new pictures and since we’ve been blogging for a while we knew it would be easier to update a blog than to send emails with pictures. We invited my mother to view the blog.

Next thing I know she says to me, ok my Facebook account is set up so now I should be able to view the blog. Both A and I turned and said, what? She’d heard us talking about Facebook, and some how got it in her head that in order to log into the blog, she needed a Facebook account… So yeah, now my mom hangs out on Facebook, and has even “friended” some of my friends (people I went to high school with and she knows really really well).

I’ve been circling the internet in many ways for many years, and never had to think, oh my mom may read this. Not that I have things to hide, but you know, it makes me think twice before I set me “status” on Facebook now. It’s weird. Very very weird.