First things first, WELCOME to the world Theo!

Six and a half months has turned out to be a pretty amazing time for us. My issues from my last post about our new breastfeeding relationship are beginning to fade as Mr. E and I are finding our new groove. I appreciated the comments. I am trying hard to make peace with the now. Mr. E is not three months old any more. His needs are ever changing, and I can’t live in the past. I am finding that the more I am able to relax and enjoy what we’re doing in this moment, the easier everything is. And it’s easier to do this now that we seem to have a twenty-four hour schedule!

Mr. E had fallen into his day schedule pretty well, solid foods mixed things up a bit, but recently we’ve gotten morning to bed down to a science. I’ve hesitated to post about over night until I felt confident that it was a real schedule. And I finally believe it is. Prior to solids he was up any where from three to six times in a night. Recently he’s begun going to bed between 7-8pm, waking  around 2:30am for a feeding and sleeping until 7/7:30am. He’s like clockwork; I feel so much better, so rested.

The day feedings occur at the same time each day. Nurse after morning nap, lunch after afternoon nap followed by nursing, dinner between 5-6pm followed by nursing (he won’t nurse before solids, I tried that), dreamfeed before I go to bed, Nurse around 2am. Holy cow having a schedule is amazing – for so many reasons, and especially for me to relax about my milk supply. He nurses five times a day and I have milk each time. My body is regulating to his new schedule; it’s amazing. While I am okay with one feeding over night, I would love to eliminate it all together – he can go 8 hours, and he does from 2:30am-10:30am, everyday! I’m not sure how to move this so that it’s the over night period, but for now, I am happy with what we’ve got.

And now: Here’s the first picture we’ve been able to take that show his two teeth (and he’s gotten a lot better about not biting me):