Six months has been a big deal in our world. The first year comes with so many changes, it’s almost unfair.

We waited until six months to introduce solids (and I am so glad we did). I thought solids would be a fun little side thing we’d so, but that breast milk would remain the main course.

Mr. E seems to have different plans (doesn’t he always?). He is very into solid food. We started with one feeding per day, and have upped it to two – lunch and dinner. Each feeding is followed by breast milk – the problem is- sometimes he won’t take it from the breast. I had to pump twice today in order to give him BM after his meals. He wants the milk, he just does not want to take it from the breast. Most other times of the day he still breastfeeds, and he has no problem breastfeeding over night!

I can feel my supply diminishing. The less he eats, the less I make. That’s the science of breastfeeding. He’s getting frustrated at the breast when my let down does not come on fast enough (which seems to be happening more and more). When I pump I’m getting 5 oz, opposed to before when I’d get 7 or 8oz.

I’ve been trying to stay on top of this. I don’t want to deny him solid food just because I want to breast feed him. I am also not going down with out a fight. I’ve pumped and frozen the resulting milk on several occasions just to keep the supply and demand operation going. I want so much to breast feed my little monkey for at least one full year. I guess it’s natural that with solids his breast milk needs will change, but I guess I am not ready to not be all he needs. Perhaps that is why I am vigilant about making all his solid food.

It’s hard to see my boy grow so quickly. To already need more than just what I can provide for him. After having carried him for almost 10 months and now having exclusively breast feed him for six month, all of a sudden he is more interested in the mush I spoon feed than the milk I produce.

I can tell I am not going be good at letting him grow up. Must work on that.