I can’t remember a summer where the weather has been this good. Ever.

We’ve been having sunny 75-85 degree weather every day. And then rain over night. Which is of course Ideal (except for for poor folks camping…). It puts me in an amazing mood to wake up every day only to be greeted by bright bright sun and lush green plants and grass. This is how it’s supposed to be.

This is the first year I can remember not have a drought and not having water supply issues due to having to water in the absence of rain. It’s just so perfect.

Some days feel oppressively hot, but A and I always say ug, imagine how hot it must in W.Ma if it ‘s this hot here. And all of a sudden it doesn’t seem so bad. I wish we could get to the beach more, but with Mr. E we limit our trips or take shorter trips so as not to overexpose his baby skin.

That’s really all. I just felt like expressing how thankful I am to the weather gods for giving us this amazing summer, especially after having been couped up all winter long. This feels renewing. I love it.