Who knew being a parent these days would require so much research. About plastic. I can barely keep straight what is safe and what is not, and I am sure we have some things that are not.

We messed up and registered for A.vent bottles. And since we do not microwave them or put them in the dish washer, and because Mr. E receives so few bottle feedings, we decided it was okay to use them. But I have been vigilant about teething rings, toys and pacifiers, making sure they are not made in China and do not contain BPA.

We are entering the sippy cup stage. And I didn’t want to mess this one up too (and I’d like to be able to run them throgh the dish washer now and again). So I went on-line and did a bunch of research. And I NEVER thought I’d be able to buy sippy cups locally. I figured I’d have to order on-line, like everything else. Imagine my shock when there in the baby aisle at Stop & Shop were Nuby sippy cups! One of the only brands I remembered to be BPA free. I bought one to try.

Of course once I got home, I was paranoid and did the research all over again before opening the package. Just in case I messed up. But according to this blog, the style I bought is safe. Phew! I’ll take my $3.49 sippy cup over the $10 Bo.rn Free sippy cups any day!