The elimination communication that I mentioned a while back is going really well. I can’t remember the last time Mr. E pooped in his diaper. The introduction of solid foods makes me really really really happy that we decided to do this. Man breastfeeding poo is nothing…veggie poo, oh my god.

When you feed him he sleeps. Recently I was away from him for two days in a row and his sleep was all messed up those nights. I began to wonder if maybe I needed to leave more milk while I’m away. When he’s been with me during the day, and breastfeeding on demand, he usually gets up for one feeding over night. But the two days we were apart he was up three times to eat overnight! Yesterday I was with him in the morning and then left a bottle with 2 more ounces than usual while my SIL watched him in the afternoon – and he ate it all. He woke up to eat once overnight and slept till 9:15am. And I slept till 9. Rock on!