There are lots of opinions about raising healthy sleepers. And lots of controversy too.

I’ve read a couple of books, varying from attachment parenting to cry it out (CIO). We practiced something in the middle. Until four nights ago. Mr. E started going down really hard for naps and at bedtime as well. He went from being able to be put down awake and then falling asleep on his own, to needing lots and lots and lots of help falling asleep. All this in a very short time. A and I were not impressed and we missed our baby who peacefully lulled himself to sleep. One night in a moment of “what the hell do we do?” we both decided to let him cry. For 20 minutes. He wailed for the entire 20 minutes. We were both so tired that the crying  didn’t grate on us too much. We checked on him at the 20 minute mark. Reinserted his pacifier and repositioned his lovey; he fell immediately off to sleep.

The next night we did the bed time routine. Nurse if he’s hungry, read several stories, kisses and put him in his crib. Crying ensued. Again we agreed to check him at the 20 minute mark. We went out to the screen porch and turned off the monitor! A went in after 20 minutes, only to be informed by my Dad that he stopped crying after 15 minutes.

On the third night he whimpered for about ten minutes.

Tonight, the fourth night, I kissed him, laid him in his crib and he made one pathetic cry. About ten minutes later there were a few more soft cries, but no hysterics. He’s been asleep for an hour now.

My friends, I am a believer in CIO. We do it for naps during the day now too, and guess what? He cries for less than five minutes and is then down for close to two hours.

Now. If we could only figure out the middle of the night…