A and I recently discussed how we’ll celebrate father’s day with Mr. E. Year after year it will be a day that the kids through out his social group will celebrate their fathers. And at some point he is likely to feel like the other kids have something he does not (although my former co-worker’s five year old daughter told her, “Mr. E is the luckiest boy in the world because he has two moms”). We’re not trying to insert a father or even insinuate that he needs a father, but it sure would be nice to have something to do on that Sunday in June each year.

A suggested we take the day to celebrate his donor, even though he is only known to us as TSBC #1376. It’s a day to be thankful that a man, who we thought was decent enough to use to create our son, was selfless enough to donate his sperm (sure we paid big bucks, but the donors get peanuts for their commitment). I don’t think about the donor often, in fact some may think it’s odd how rarely I think about our son’s genetic other half, but I don’t. In the moments that I do find myself thinking about him, I just thank him for giving and for participating in the identity release program so that some day Mr. E can meet him.

I am curious to hear from the other donor baby families, do you plan to do anything on this day?