This is the post where I officially eat crow.

When I was pregnant A told me about her co-worker’s grandchild who was potty trained through elimination communication at a very young age. I scoffed.

From time to time I’d read on different parenting message boards about folks doing EC with their infants. I thought they were nuts.

A few of my fellow bloggers even pipped up when I blogged about how the Bumbo seat ensured Mr. E would poop after eating first thing in the morning. Somewhere in the back of my mind I started to think, maybe there was something to this whole idea…

I went out and I bought a potty. I fed my kid yesterday morning, took off his diaper sat him on the potty. No dice. I repeated this after every feeding yesterday. He had an off day and didn’t poop.

Today after his first feeding I took off his diaper and in the company of myself, A and my mother, he pooped. On the potty. We are officially attempting EC.

The idea of never having to wash solid food poo diapers is delightful. We have one month and one week before he turn six months, at which time we plan to start solids…so we have our work cut out for us, to ensure we have this down before then.

Woe. Did I mention my son will be six month is a few short weeks? how’d that happen?