Mr. E is a wonderful sleeper. Some days we complain because he still wakes once or twice at night – mostly to feed. But the reality is he feeds and goes right back to sleep – I’m usually back in bed within 10 minutes. He’s been in his own room in a crib since he was about 2 1/2 months old – we moved him when it became apparent that by sleeping in a family bed we were stimulating him too much. Once he had his own space, he slept much better. I was sad that my little guy moved out so soon.

Last weekend when I went away with him overnight, I had him in bed with me, because it’s just so much easier to do that than it is to lug a pack n play.

I fell in love with co-sleeping all over again.

I loved having him next to me, I loved the ease of breastfeeding in the middle of the night, and I loved waking in the morning to see him happily laying next to me. Smiling and cooing. I also thought he slept better – only waking once to feed.

For the last week we’ve been playing musical beds. There’s a double bed in Mr. E’s room, and his room is just across the hall from us. The week started with me and Mr. E alone in mine and A’s bed, her in his room. Then all three of us together. Then him starting the night in his crib and he and I in the double bed (in his room) after his first waking. Some mornings he’d go to A around 6 so I could sleep in and other mornings I’d put him in his crib at 6 and go back to mine and A’s bed. The bed swapping was tiring.

It’s taken a bit to figure out but now I think the best routine looks like this: Mr. E starts the night in his crib. He goes to bed around 7:30. When he wakes for his first feeding (around midnight) I take him out of the crib and instead of feeding him in the chair, he and I crawl in the double bed and I make a boob available. He eats while I go back to sleep. This way he gets as much as he needs or wants with out me prematurely taking him off because I just want to get back to sleep. We stay this way and when he wakes for his 5:30ish feeding I make the other boob available. If I am distracted by his light morning sleep I put him back in the crib and head back to my bed. I thought it was crazy to do so much bed hoping but, the key seems to be Mr. E taking in enough food and me being able to sleep through it. I know I was taking him off too soon, but I was tired and wanted to get back to bed. I am also happy that we are co-sleeping again and it’s a nice balance.  I’m also glad that he’s used to the crib and goes down, awake, for his naps during the day with out issue. I’m not even sure he knows we’re co-sleeping since he goes to bed and wakes up in the crib.

Even still, I long for the day that he can go through the night with our feeding.