As I drove home from Western MA last Saturday I called A. I’d been on the road for about two hours and had spent nearly every minute thinking about my experience in our old home. It’s hard to describe the way it felt to be there. I only went for a short trip- about 24 hours, but it was long enough to really be there. I carried on to A about how odd it was to drive the roads with such familiarity and at the same time, intellectually know it’s not my home anymore. She said, I know what you mean, wait till you read my blog. I really can’t say it any better than she did. So I’ve nixed the post I had drafted while driving home. But, as she said, Northampton will always hold a special place in my heart, and it does feel much like a first love, and like first loves, they often don’t last. So I bid farewell to Noho and will always love returning to visit.

I’ve kept quite about the transition at a time when A needed to pipe up. At times, it was hard to read what she wrote. I wondered if we’d made the right decision to relocate to my home town. It’s easy. natural. for me. But it’s a whole new reality for A. And she has quickly learned EVERYTHING happens through networking here. Somebody always knows someone who knows someone…and we’re all related too (I’m not even kidding). This can be overwhelming to an outsider. I’ve tried to support her as best I could. Things got pretty bad before they started to get better. And now, A really seems to have a plan. I am so happy to see her taking action in effort to get a job that will help her get a teaching job. Fingers are crossed that this one works out.

We’ve both been working part time which leaves Mr. E in his aunt’s care for two hours a week. But it’s left both A and I wanting something. She wants to work full time. I want to stay home full time. I’d like to cut my hours in half (down to 10, but not more than 15). If A gets the job she’s interviewing for I will have to cut my hours, as we won’t have childcare, and day care isn’t an option for us – we can’t afford it and even if we could, we don’t want Mr. E in DC. If she gets the job, we both get what we want. So will all of you please join me next Wednesday at 8am to hope/pray/whatever that: 1)the interview goes well, 2)that A wants to work there, and 3)that they want her to work there.