Tomorrow Mr. E and I will travel back to Western MA to attend graduation at the college I used to work at. I left tire marks on my outta there, but, that does not mean that there aren’t students who I adore and want to see as they achieve their goal. I attended every graduation while I worked there, but this year is different. This year the class I started with is graduating. The “kids” I welcomed on the day they moved in, the kids whose parents and grandparents left their kids, while saying tearful goodbyes four years ago, will walk across the stage and claim their degrees. It almost makes me miss working in my field, but I am far (very far) from being ready to return in any capacity. But I digress.

It took me two hours to pack for Mr. E and I and we’re only going for one night. I did manage to get all our stuff into just one suitcase. I am hoping to be on the road by 9am, or as soon as he is ready for his morning nap – the idea being that he’ll sleep the whole way. He’s getting better in the car, but still isn’t a huge fan. We have some errands to run at BRU, oh how I miss the convenience! I need to stock up on Mam pacifiers (one of the few that are plastic-safe and no where to be found on the Sand Bar), teething rings (again in search of some not made in China), and cotton swaddle blankets for the summer. Simple things really, but not available here. I also have a List find to pick up (clearly I have an issue because I checked the WMass CL knowing I was going there- our CL leaves much to be desired). I am hoping to get to the school in time to see one of my favorite students final presentation. And then just bounce from office to office hanging out with old friends. If there’s time I’ll hit Target, just for the hell of it. I missssssssssss Target.

I am excited to go back and see folks and graduation always makes me emotional. I am also a little apprehensive about going alone. A is not coming with me so I will have sole Mr. E duty, which is exhausting. I wanted to leave him home but did not have the time to pump enough milk in advance. And my former co-workers would have KILLED me. We’ll see how it goes.