As you may have gathered from my last post, I don’t always read books in a timely fashion. This means I haven’t read any parenting books, save for Dr. Sears’ Nighttime Parenting. A and I mostly try to follow Mr. E’s cues and wing the rest. When he cried at night, I figured he was hungry (if it happened in 3 hours intervals). So I’d feed him. He’s been in a pattern lately of waking at 12am and 3am. Recently I read somewhere that just because they wake crying does not mean they are hungry. So two nights ago, when he woke at 12am I gave him a pacifier. He went right back to sleep, woke at 3am to eat and then was up around 7. Last night same thing, except he slept till 8am! Moms were up before him. I think we’re on to something… The lack of feedings also meant I was able to pump 6oz (I stopped when the collection bottle was full) when I woke up.